Retreats held twice a year...

Yoga Retreat being held at Icona Diamond Beach Resort in Diamond Beach, NJ the weekend of April 17-19, 2020!

  • Renew your body, mind, and spirit as you bask in the gentle ocean breeze
  • Allow your mind to release all thoughts as you meditate in the serenity of the seashore
  • Release your cares and concerns as you awaken to the beautiful sun rising over the ocean
  • Let go of all stress, worries, and tension as you participate in yoga classes throughout the weekend

In the fall up at Kirkridge Retreat Center in Bangor, PA, in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains...

  • Enjoy the magnificent views from the lodge which is on top of Kittatinny Ridge
  • Let go of all stress, worries, and tension as you participate in yoga classes throughout the weekend
  • Allow your mind to release all thoughts as you meditate in the stillness of the mountains
  • Embrace the awesome scenery as you hike the many nearby nature trails
  • Release your cares and concerns as you walk the Labyrinth at Kirkridge
  • Pamper yourself with a Therapeutic Massage with a professional massage therapist
  • 15th annual retreat was held the weekend of October 19-21, 2018! No Yoga retreat being held at Kirkridge in 2019... stay tuned for 2020!

"The miracle is to walk on the green earth in the present moment, to appreciate the peace and beauty that are available now."

- Thich Nhat Hanh



“Take some time for yourself and enjoy the calm quiet surroundings at a weekend retreat to the beach or the mountains. Escape to the relaxing pace with Peggy’s gentle voice and soothing yoga classes. I always feel so refreshed and revitalized after these weekends.” - Lisa U.

" I have attended all of Peggy’s yoga retreats – at the Kirkridge Retreat Center in the Poconos in the fall and at the Jersey Shore in the spring. The mountains and the sea – both calming to body and soul. Add in yoga and meditation, good food, the ability to spend time with like-minded people, and you have the perfect formula for a rejuvenating 3 days.

Kirkridge is rustic. At that time of year, every direction you look is ablaze with magnificent color. The Appalachian Trail runs through the property and Kirkridge has its own hiking trails as well. They have a delightful gift/bookstore on the premises and a walking labyrinth.

The Shore retreats have been at the elegant Golden Inn in Avalon, located on the beach. Here, the smell of salt air, the feel of warm sand between the toes and the sight of waves rolling in to the shore are a guaranteed formula for relaxation.

Guest instructors often teach some of the classes, giving us an opportunity to try other styles of yoga. There is always plenty of good food to energize us. There is time to hang with friends, explore, or just curl up in a corner, stare out at the scenery and recharge. And, there is the opportunity to have a massage. We’ve been fortunate to have the most amazing massage therapist at our retreats. It’s all about winding down and recharging." - Patti L.

"I have been going to Peggy Koenitzer's Yoga retreats for several years, both up in Kirkridge, Pa, and in Avalon, NJ, and I have enjoyed them so much! Peggy is a wonderful teacher, and we all are able to benefit physically, and spiritually from her classes and retreats. I have met so many wonderful women, and we all share a love of Yoga, and friendship! I look forward to going to each retreat, knowing that Peggy will always make them the very best she has to offer." Donna M.

"I have been going to Peggy's classes and retreats for over ten years and I cannot recommend her enough. She creates a safe, compassionate space for you to mindfully explore your practice without judgment. I have been to almost every Fall Retreat at Kirkridge and I look forward every year to getting up to the mountains and away from the day-to-day commotion. She even let me teach at the Kirkridge retreat after I got my 200 hour teacher training certification, which was a great experience. Highly recommended :-)" - Jamie A.


Peggy Koenitzer

Certified Yoga Teacher

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